Dominique leoni

Management & Education

Feb-Aug 2021
Senior Learning Designer
Project: Getting Ready To Teach –
Qualification Support eLearning courses for Higher National BTEC teachers (various subjects)
Instructional design and development of a suite of courses for existing and new HN BTEC teachers. All courses were developed in Articulate Rise 360 with some embedded Storyline interactions.


Mar-Apr 2021
Digital Learning Associates
Senior Learning Designer

Ready to Run Language Units
Instructional design and development of a series of bitesize English language interactive video units for use in ESOL teaching and distant learning. Storyline 360 template and unit development and LD project consultancy.

July-Sept 2020
Senior Learning Designer
Ready to Run Language Units
esign and development of Storyline 360 templates for the development of English language bitesize learning to incorporate licensed video content. Provision of ongoing LD consultancy on the project.


Apr-Sept 2019
Senior Learning Designer
Project: HN Global Study skills

Instructional design and Articulate 360 development of a study skills modular eLearning course including academic writing, note-taking and giving effective presentations. all modules were 2-4 hours of self paced learning, written for and developed in Rise 360 with embedded Storyline interactions. Also included were assignments and further learning opportunities. All units designed for completion by prospective BTEC HN students prior to qualification commencement.

August-Dec 2018
Fathorse Consulting Ltd
Learning Designer
Project: Level 3 Anantomy and Physiology

Instructional design and Articulate 360 development of Level 3 anatomy and physiology units for a health and beauty diploma for The London College of Beauty Therapy. All Units developed in Articulate Rise.

Tragus Group (Now The Casual Dining Group) –Tata Interactive Systems
Freelance Graphic designer (user interface)
Intranet portal
Design layouts for brand specific pages and employee profile pages for an Intranet portal to be used by all personnel within the Tragus Group.

2003-2007 (Multiple contracts)   
Above and Beyond

Freelance Flash animator and illustrator

Doing the Business, a series of off-the-shelf online courses and resources:
WordWise (Ten ways to Save a Forest)
WebPower (Ten ways to Survive in Cyberspace)
SlideRules (Ten ways to Avoid Death by PowerPoint) *Winner, Generic Solution of the Year WOLCE 2004).
H&S training for Virgin Atlantic Drugs and Alcohol Policy.

Go Do IT – design and animations for Curriculum Online provider and retailer of a series of ICT online self-study courses and resources (KS2/KS3 to Yr 9/KS4).

1999-2000 (Multiple contracts)  

Freelance Designer/Flash Animator/Sound Synchronization
In$ider, a 4-CD simulation game with a £1.5 million budget. (Highly Commended BIMA award, featured in Marc Prensky’s book ‘Digital Game-based Learning’ 2001).
Management Bytes, a PwC Learning Technologies refreshment e-learning programme on management skills and a best seller for more than 10 years.
Contracted by the PwC Learning Technologies Department to work with a team of 6 animators.

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