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CARNIVAL CORP BK    moment-bk
Jan-Mar 2019

Carnival Corporation, (Global) Fleet Training Academy [
The Moment Content Company Ltd]
Senior Instructional Designer
Project: Command
Audience: Newly promoted Cruise Ship Captains

Learning design for a blended learning awareness course, including session plans, instructor notes, eLearning and PowerPoint resources, and client and SME consultation. 

Carnival Corporation, (Global) –
The Moment Content Company Ltd
E-Learning Instructional Designer
Project: Forensic Evidence Management for Sexual Assault Victims
Audience: Company medical examiners

Instructional design for an 8 module e-learning course and multi-scenario assessment, providing guidelines on the accurate collection and management of forensic evidence from alleged victims of sexual assault, including post assault care and prophylaxis.

(6 months)

CSMART & NAPA, Holland –
The Moment Content Company Ltd
E-Learning instructional designer
Ship Stability
Audience: Ship operation personnel

Instructional design for a 36 lesson e-learning course, covering ship stability theory and application for passenger and cargo ships, tankers, alongside and at sea. This was a joint client project requiring close consultation with CSMART’S ship stability SMEs and trainers and loading software SMEs at NAPA.

2012-2013 (Multiple contracts)
Carnival UK (Two Four Digital Ltd)
E–learning design, Illustration and Graphic Design

Disability Awareness
-Illustration, e-learning template design, and style guide.
Sea Staff Policies and Procedures Manual (SSPPM) – Graphic design for e-learning screens.

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